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Networked Mobility Hubs

Transportation Solutions is engaged in efforts to increase services and market transportation options at three mobility hubs in Central Denver: University Station, Cherry Creek North and Cherry Creek Shopping Center, and Colorado Station. Transportation Solutions has identified new services to expand transportation options in each of the three areas. Efforts included a shuttle pilot and investigated use of ride hailing services to meet travel needs not currently addressed by rail or bus service. Further efforts will include supporting the development of curbside management and active transportation infrastructure. 

In addition to helping improve service options and curb management, Transportation Solutions is developing a marketing campaign to increase awareness of travel options and use of non-drive-alone travel modes around the mobility hubs. The effort includes social media campaigns, community events, employer outreach, and coordination with area governments to educate travelers.  

The Networked Mobility Hubs initiative builds on Transportation Solutions’ project work to improve transportation options for service, retail, and hospitality employees in Cherry Creek and along Colorado Boulevard. In 2016 and 2017, the Access Cherry Creek and Access Colorado Boulevard programs found that many of the shift workers in these two areas live in places that make commuting without a car a daily challenge. Along with the quickly changing micromobility landscape, programs like the University of Denver Campus Shuttle and RTD Platte Valley FlexRide are helping to shape how on-demand, microtransit services might fill a void for these communities now and in the future.


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