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Air Quality

Denver is the 12th most polluted region nationwide. Transportation Solutions is encouraging regional decision makers to look at how trip reduction rules can work to improve our region’s air. By asking property managers to offer information, incentives, and bike and pedestrian amenities, trip reduction rules can help improve air quality by reducing the number of people who drive on our roads. Updates on the initiative will be provided in our next newsletter.

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The Road Ahead 2024

Spring 2024

On the Move, May 2024

In our latest issue of On the Move, we shared a quick recap of our annual event, The Road Ahead, along with the podcast recording from our engaging panel discussion. 

The newsletter additionally outlines an exciting opportunity Transportation Solutions is currently leading to bring better mobility to older adults in the Windsor neighborhood of Denver.  The popularity of e-bikes in Denver continues to grow, and we are working to expand access to older adults in east Denver. 

Lastly, we hope you will read the latest issue to learn about two events, including Bike to Campus Day on May 8 and Bike to Work Day on June 26!

Spring 2023

Cherry Creek Week

The 14 upcoming development projects in Cherry Creek will bring needed housing as well as additional stores and restaurants to the area, increasing the strong tax base that it brings to the city. But can Cherry Creek handle the traffic that comes from this growth?

Transportation Solutions is working with the city, developers and community leaders to develop a vision for what Cherry Creek can be and how people will get there. Improved transit services will be critical to the vitality of Cherry Creek, as well as reducing the number of cars on the streets. 

We developed a podcast series with City Cast Denver to discuss Cherry Creek’s growth and transportation improvements. Please visit their website to subscribe to the Podcast and listen to the April 17 through April 21 episodes.

Winter 2023

Clean Commute Colorado

Improve your business and community with Colorado’s newest tax credit incentive for employers. If the organization you work for or manage employs three or more people, your organization is an excellent candidate to invest in employee transportation benefits and get credits back on those investments.

Access to shared and sustainable transportation helps with employee well-being and recruitment, and eco-friendly travel options help keep southeast Denver beautiful. Employers are investing in Commute with Enterprise vanpooling, RTD EcoPasses, better bike rooms, employee eBike fleets, and more!

You can access a short employer assessment to get started on recommendations, or you can contact your southeast Denver area contact Erica Hine at or 720-829-4183 to get more information about the incentives or to talk about sustainable transportation options where you work.

Spring 2022

The Road Ahead Recap

Below are the links to review The Road Ahead: Creating a Sustainable and Equitable Transportation System conference and to learn from the resources provided by the keynote speaker, Olatunji Oboi Reed.

Presentation and Slides  Here are the slides that coincided with the Oboi Reed keynote presentation, and here is the recording of the virtual keynote.

The Three Frameworks  During his presentation, Oboi Reed discussed the three foundational frameworks that guide his work at Equiticity. Please follow these links to dive deeper into each.

  1. The Equiticity Racial Equity Statement of Principle
  2. The Untokening Principles of Mobility Justice
  3. Principles of Environmental Justice

Learn More  Here are links Oboi Reed is sharing with all of us to continue our learning in racial equity and mobility justice.

Huge thank you to Olatunji Oboi Reed for challenging attendees of this year’s The Road Ahead to push for more equitable development and legislation and to apply the frameworks shown to affect positive and sustainable community change.

Fall 2019
The Quayle—A Multimodal Affordable Housing Story

The Quayle is an affordable housing development like no other in Denver. Situated at a bustling location on 1st and Broadway, the location has envious access to a range of multimodal transportation infrastructure and services. 

It has been a pleasure working with Transportation Solutions. Each time we meet on building the multimodal solutions for The Quayle I am encouraged by the options Transportation Solutions offers to our residents. They truly go above and beyond to make sure that every resident has a way to get around easily and with as little impact on both the environment and the traffic congestion that is part of Denver.
Madeline Grawey
Director of Business and Marketing
Zocalo Community Development