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Reimagine RTD

RTD has begun a two-year effort to explore how it’s services can be optimized and delivered in the most efficient way possible. Transportation Solutions is a proud member of the Reimagine RTD Advisory Committee and will publish updates in our upcoming newsletters. In the meantime, share your ideas for RTD’s next steps forward.

Air Quality

Denver is the 12th most polluted region nationwide. Transportation Solutions is encouraging regional decision makers to look at how trip reduction rules can work to improve our region’s air. By asking property managers to offer information, incentives, and bike and pedestrian amenities, trip reduction rules can help improve air quality by reducing the number of people who drive on our roads. Updates on the initiative will be provided in our next newsletter.

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Fall 2019
Denver’s Need for Cleaner Air

The American Lung Association published this year’s annual report for air quality and it was no surprise to most Denverites that Denver moved from the 14th most polluted region to the 12th nationwide. Ozone and fine particulate matter such as dust, soot, smoke and lethal organic compounds are the big culprits in our region. Healthcare professionals tell us that this nasty mix is like breathing ‘sandpaper’ in and out of our lungs. 

Fall 2019
The Quayle—A Multimodal Affordable Housing Story

The Quayle is an affordable housing development like no other in Denver. Situated at a bustling location on 1st and Broadway, the location has envious access to a range of multimodal transportation infrastructure and services. 

It has been a pleasure working with Transportation Solutions. Each time we meet on building the multimodal solutions for The Quayle I am encouraged by the options Transportation Solutions offers to our residents. They truly go above and beyond to make sure that every resident has a way to get around easily and with as little impact on both the environment and the traffic congestion that is part of Denver.
Madeline Grawey
Director of Business and Marketing
Zocalo Community Development