Windsor E-bike Library

Older Woman And Her Dog On Electric Bicycle Enjoying Nature

Windsor Adaptive eBike Library Study

Free Access to eBikes and eTrikes

The purpose of an eBike and eTrike library is to help people who cannot afford to buy an eBike or who are unsure about making an investment, try one out risk-free. Bike libraries are not just about lending out bikes, they can also be a place where people can learn how to ride, charge, and maintain an eBike.  

How Does it Work?

Bike libraries are modeled after the traditional library where a person can borrow a book for a day, a week or even longer. The eBike or eTrike can be reserved online or in person. An attendant can help explain how to use it and help adjust the seat to the size of the rider. A borrower could use the bike for a day and return it to be charged. Or take the bike home and charge it there. All that is required is registering online or in person and establishing an account just like you would do in obtaining a library card.

How much does it cost?

FREE to all Windsor residents (home ZIP code 80247) We are currently working on the feasibility study to have one or more eBike libraries in the Windsor neighborhood, and the location and access is to be determined as a result of this study. 

What if I decide to purchase an eBike or eTrike?

The Windsor Bike Library offers resources for obtaining eBike and eTrike vouchers through both the City of Denver CASR subsidy and a similar program offered by the state. The library will also identify any vendor discounts when they are available.

What is the feasibility study?

The study is designed to assess interest in eBikes and eTrikes and identify a location in Windsor to host the facility. The study will take 6 months to conduct. We invite you to complete our survey and attend a group meeting where the benefits of the program will be explained.

Who is involved?

The study is being conducted by Transportation Solutions under the guidance of Denver Councilmember Sawyer. Funding for the study is provided by the Colorado Energy Office to expand electric-powered mobility options.  

Engage with us! 

For all Windsor neighborhood residents in zip code 80247:

Please click here to let us know whether or not you would use electric bikes if they were free and accessible in the Windsor neighborhood: 

We are hosting a meeting at Windsor Gardens for all 80247 residents in the Windsor Gardens community center at 1 PM on Friday, July 26.Get more information and register!

Contact: Erica Hine, Project Manager, Transportation Solutions,

Feasibility Study Timeline

  • Resident outreach – Spring and Summer 2024  Windsor residents: Please participate by filling out this brief survey. Please also attend our E-Bike Meeting and Demo on July 26 at 1 PM.
  • Location selection – Summer 2024
  • Feasibility Plan complete – Fall 2024 

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